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We are now closed.

It is with great joy but also sadness that my wife, Lilia, and I closed our doors for the final time on Sunday August 15th 2021.

After 41 long years in the restaurant business, with 27 of those years running Thai Garden, we have finally retired.

We would like to thank all our customers both past and present, especially our loyal followers and returning customers for all your support.

We would finally like to thank all of our family and friends who have worked for us over these many years.

Dao and Lilia

Open for over a two decades and family run, Thai Garden serves as a delightful spot to grab a casual meal. With a captivatingly traditional décor and exemplary service provided, there’s little that can hamper a dining experience at Thai Garden, that’s before taking the sumptuous fare into account.


"Tantalise the taste buds with one of the exemplary appetisers, such as the scrumptious knom pang goong, minced prawns & pork on sesame seed adorned toast, the tender see krong moo, sweet & sour sauce finished spare ribs, and the delectable popia, clear noodle, carrot and cabbage stuffed spring rolls fried until golden.


The diversity of Thai cuisine is showcased throughout the main courses, offering an incredible variety of fantastic dishes to sample. Outstanding examples include the irresistible pla choo chee, golden fried sea bass topped with lime leaves, sweet basil and a red curry paste, the sumptuous neau pad nam mun hoy, a stir fry of beef, green peppers and mushrooms in an oyster sauce, and the heavenly tempura phak, a medley of tempura fried vegetables partnered with a chilli sauce.


Situated close to the Clapham Junction train station, Thai Garden is easy to find and even easier to fall in love with." - Gourmet Society


© 2021 by Thai Garden

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